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Posted on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 20:20:15 GMT - 16 days ago

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Direct field engineering services from home office and/or field locations. Perform independent quality and completeness reviews of engineering deliverables. Responsible for the implementation and use of in-house and client design and construction specifications. Certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT) or Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) is preferred.... Read More

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Burns McDonnell BMcD is a profitable company and it s not unheard of for people to spend 20 30 years there In an era of professional service firm consolidation BMcD remains private and independent I don t think it ever had to buy business while I was there As a private company it doesn t report to Wall Street It remains accountable to its employee owners BMcD embraces professional growth Continued education through tuition assistance and attendance at conferences is encouraged BMcD is a top engineering firm and you will work on amazing projects These projects have significance because they deliver power water and other basic services to the citizens of this world while protecting the environment BMcD hires the best and brightest It s a great opportunity to not only learn from the work you do but from the people as well I really enjoyed the majority of people there and still have several friends who bleed blue The overall truth is I am very grateful for my time with Burns McDonnell It had a positive impact on the life I have today and I am a better person for it
I was unhappy towards the end of my tenure with BMcD I had three direct managers during my 5 years there The first one was average the second was great but the third one was the reason I left If that last manager and I had a better relationship I might still be with the firm I see a lot of negative reviews about billable hours Truth told I previously wrote a now deleted and scathing review about that Something to the effect of be 100 billable but also win new projects because the business development folks don t develop business at all Reflecting on that now I regret that review and the comment Here s why Any for profit consulting company wants its employees billable That benefits the organization and you the employee owner Who are the best resources to bring in new business Those actively engaged with clients and who can deliver further value for the organization The very best employees at any company find ways to develop business with an existing or new client If you really want to succeed and you are working on a client project you should seek to identify ways in which BMcD can solve additional challenges This will result in more BMcD services for your client more hours for you and your team and should make you a rising star If you do all these things and are not rewarded you need to leave
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About Burns & McDonnell Company

  • Ray Kowalik ( CEO )
  • Vacancy Location: Kansas City, MO
  • Vacancy job: Project Engineer
  • Rate: negotiable
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