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Posted on Fri, 09 Feb 2018 19:18:38 GMT - 15 days ago

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Required license or certification:. Must have a valid driver’s license. C Squared Systems, LLC (C2 Systems) is an RF engineering, consulting, and software development company specializing in providing services for seamless wireless coverage from RF analysis to design and implementation of DAS systems and Wi-Fi networks to remote monitoring and management of complex multi-vendor environments.... Read More

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The software team is basically a big family that spans several generations of employees People who haven t worked at the company for years will still meet up for drinks with the employees of today There is a great sense of community and a lot of people have found long term friends connections here The product is conceptually very interesting and could be an industry changer if the massive technical debt was paid down and a clear direction was given to the development team A lot of opportunity makes this a fantastic starting company for someone in the early stages of their career Lessons on the dangers of poor software engineering are provided by the legacy systems while the opportunity to learn from the growing ranks of senior engineers developing the new packages can bear fruitful experiences Motivated junior devs can acquire challenging projects that other companies would normally reserve for seniors Advancement isn t an issue for most people There s a surprisingly diverse group of people for a small NH company there are people from every walk of life here and there s a variety of technical backgrounds You will find developers ranging from ex embedded systems engineers and electrical engineers to full stack developers with decades of experience to kids fresh out of college Exposure to some really high profile customers partners can be exciting Seeing the sites being monitored and recognizing important landmarks gives a sense of importance and a feeling of pride until the Flash UI crashes
Horrendous legacy systems are broken at every layer of the stack The degree to which the product is dysfunctional from a technical point of view is utterly appalling and the overwhelming majority of the team is openly bitter about it Meeting the deliverable s deadline and getting product out the door consistently trumps sustainability resulting in many projects that are hacked in to enigmatic systems There are several projects underway to rebuild the core modules but many of them are either mismanaged lacking a roadmap project plan or are understaffed Progress is definitely being made but it s a cumbersome process and moral is very low No vision or roadmap for the product comes from upper management The majority of developmental effort is spent servicing customer requests and developing critical fixes there s an entire department dedicated to applying these to live servers and it s not unusual for major features to circumvent the release process entirely and be deployed via what is essentially a hotfix instead of engineering intellectual property When starting a discussion about the product s future with virtually anyone on the team you will either be met with a blank stare or a remark about pushing for sales in a new market There s also an alarming turnover rate The company is notorious for the mass exodus that seems to occur every couple of years entire teams of people tend to quit in clusters and it s historically been very damaging to the technical deficit The most recent exodus was particularly devastating a very popular and tenured employee was fired without warning and this sparked a chain of events which resulted in most of the senior team quitting over the span of about a year A lot of highly experienced developers are being brought in to replace the previous group but the company is losing its domain knowledge faster than it can replenish it Finally one can t write a C2 Systems Glassdoor review without mentioning how poorly managed the company is When the senior team left a few very green 5 years of software experience each employees were given the title of manager These individuals while talented hard working and charismatic are unfit to manage or make decisions for developers who have been in the industry longer than these people have been alive The most damning aspect of management though is how political it is It seems that every Jira story has countless hours of social conflict behind it and by the time the item is placed in the hands of a developer there is often still a fierce debate between managers about which release the item should be in what the item should really be doing and where in the monolithic codebase it should go If these questions ever get answered the developer then completes the task and sends it out for feature review where the CEO himself will completely reject the implementation and request a redesign This is not a joke the process I just described is the backbone of C2 s development cycle and results in situations like what we saw earlier this year where three major sequential releases were being QA d in parallel
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  • Tony Wells - CEO Tony Wells ( CEO )
  • Vacancy Location: Lanham, MD
  • Vacancy job: Project Coordinator
  • Rate: negotiable
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