Regional Pharmacy Auditor Job

Posted on Fri, 09 Feb 2018 19:03:25 GMT - 30+ days ago

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Must possess valid and current driver's license. In this role, you travel throughout multiple states and go onsite to pharmacies to conduct audits of claims billed and educate pharmacies on submitting accurate claims, CVS programs and requirements. Candidate will have excellent time management skills with the ability to appropriately schedule audits in advance and book travel in a cost effective... Read More

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I learned a lot working there as far as how to run a business as well as how to develop a team I had one of the most successful teams in the company ranking as the top store year over year in two separate markets one in the Northeast one in the Southeast I was a paragon winner with the company as well My most recent DM was very supportive I genuinely thank them for the opportunity and the knowledge that I acquired while working with them
Work hours were excessive To be successful hours worked were borderline slavery While I willingly worked them to be successful the week you didn t you were immediately behind Vacations were almost non existent due to constant visitors from corporate stopping in to do reviews Holiday weeks were paid 4 days regular 1 holiday and you worked all 5 The facade of the stores looking great when these people stop by versus the reality of the business is polarizing There were always teams of people and excessive expenditures of payroll thrown into stores prior to their visits While I understood the need to make an appearance it was always will always be a backwards way off thinking Company preaches quality of life for their clients while quality of life for their employees is non existent As a manager in your average store you will be managing a total of one person during your shift with a total of 10 people at location Location open hours will exceed total payroll hours ie Sun Sat 7am 10pm 15hrs per day x 7 days x 2 people 210 hrs which excludes the need to have a person unload deliveries that come in during non opened hours Your budgeted hours will be approximately 208 hrs I will only mention that during the month of December that there are extended hours for the stores but no budgeted hours to accommodate Stores are held to strict shrink targets with little to no control over external theft Remember 2 people at location if four people enter to steal there is nothing you can do to stop them These are facts not personal prejudices
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