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Great environment with knowledgable employees who work hard and support the other members of the team in a collaborative atmosphere There is strong encouragement to learn and take on new opportunities and grow in your job The time and effort that you put in individually are recognized and highly rewarded Rewards are not just monetary but verbal as well and also through other forms of recognition Perks for the job include bi weekly massages multiple holidays several weeks paid time off paid lunch daily office challenge breaks including chair volleyball trivia and other awesome games gift cards to local stores and restaurants The work that you do actually contributes to the bottom line not like in mega corporations and is recognized as such
I have very few cons to say about my job Unlike the previous employee who was in my position and posted a quite negative review I have been overwhelmed with the salary benefits and recognition I get from this company After working for 15 years in banking this has been a new and enjoyable culture I find this job to be the total opposite of the previous reviews of being tense lacking in salary compensation or having forced employee togetherness
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