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Great compensation and benefits In normal times there is visible and tangible reward for your effort and achievements Excellent job mobility and flexibility for work and personal circumstances and a real team oriented all in this together attitude Plus there is an indescribable thrill to be working on the bleeding edge of the science the technology the process etc Intel remains a world class technology innovator The majority a smaller majority than before pre 2010 ish of people there are very very skilled capable and productive They are easily able to overcome the statistically necessary under performers while they have a bad year or two It all works out as the teams naturally form a mix of skills and attitudes which complement each other Over the long term these mixes are more productive than homogeneous groups of excelling performers Famously the sabbatical benefit is to die for 8 weeks paid sabbatical no strings every 7 years or 4 weeks every 4 years Intelites count in 7 year increments Plan it well make use of it DO NOT fritter it away on home improvements
It all goes to hell in January February The Focal system encourages poor antisocial behaviors as employees compete for finite compensation crumbs which are distributed by a multi tier rating and ranking system All the objective behaviors of 10 months are tossed aside for subjective visibility promoting activities in the critical 2 months with a healthy dose of lies and self promotion You are at the mercy of short term whims and transitory fads where the appearance of productivity outweighs the achievement of the whole 12 months It is brutal Sometimes you win sometimes you lose But nowadays losing carries a terminal prognosis All the above is flavored by a new positive discrimination towards underrepresented minorities URMs which by executive decree have preference for promotion transfers and in some measure the ranking benefits Non URMs have an additional hurdle of proving their unique ability to fit a role URMs can fit anywhere and do not cost a department headcount budget for a period of time Net net is that if you are not a URM then hiring transfer and benefit opportunities narrow quickly Already there are pockets of URMs which almost exclusively hire each other and even speak their own language in meetings to exclude employees not of that background
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