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Posted on Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:15:25 GMT - 7 days ago

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State Auto will not accept candidates from third-party recruiters without a signed agreement with State Auto. State Auto offers a competitive salary, an annual bonus program, an excellent benefit program including medical, dental, vision and prescription insurance coverage, life insurance, matching 401(k) plan, flexible spending accounts, tuition assistance, and.... Read More

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Allow for initiative to be taken for those with well thought out recommendations Positive PIF growth in personal lines for the first time in years Company direction philosophy and values are headed in the right direction for the changing landscape of insurance Our leadership has gone all in on modernizing our company knowing that in the in short term we would be questioned by the market we would have internal growing pains from employees that were comfortable with the status quo and that their would challenges in rebuilding our tech All of those things have happened and you can see that in some of the negative reviews That being said after a couple of years of painful turn around efforts the results are starting to be seen We have a long way to go as an organization to get there but we are achieving results we haven t seen in over a decade as a company For those that are actively pursuing to advance in their career are willing to grind and embrace being uncomfortable to learn new things there is no better carrier to be apart of in the insurance industry
Rebuilding a multi billion dollar company requires change in a massive number of areas Proper prioritization can be a challenge Culture is being rebuilt to empower employees and build a successful organization but it still has a ways to go You are taking the most traditional of traditional insurance carriers and rebuilding the culture technology and the way we do business This can cause some internal strife between employees that have bought into the direction and those that complain about how things use to be We are still going through that transition and it looks like it will be another few years until our new culture is fully embraced
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About State Auto Insurance Companies Company

  • Michael E. LaRocco ( President/CEO )
  • Vacancy Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Vacancy job: Project Coordinator
  • Rate: negotiable
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