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Posted on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:34:49 GMT - 30+ days ago

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Process payroll liability payments including state and Federal withholdings, health insurance premiums, 401K contributions and matches, any ordered garnishments. Working knowledge of basic state and Federal payroll laws. The Staff Accountant is responsible for compiling timesheets, processing payroll, assisting with accounts receivable and accounts payable, funding ledgers, burn rate reports,... Read More

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I have worked in the contracting industry for a little over half a decade I have worked for many contracting companies spanning multiple agencies DoD DoJ DoS etc In the contracting world it is rare to come across a company who puts so much time and dedication into providing the best possible experience for both contractors and the clients they serve I was laid off by another much larger at the time contracting company GAPSI who feined an attempt to keep employed their employees on my contract many including myself were vets when in reality there wasn t even a hint true effort They lied all the way until the end of the contract which they swore they were awarded Another company I had the displeasure of working for Kelly Government Services paid me near minimum wage I actually made more money as an ASSISTANT Store Manager for 5Below and they only cared about how much money you could make them Veteran s Solutions Incorporated is quite possibly the most caring company contracting or otherwise that it has been my great honor and privilege to work for They are responsive to the needs and concerns of their employees they work tirelessly to better themselves and they promote hard work and determination from within a trait that our society is sorely lacking Pair this with their unquenchable desire to help as many veterans as possible and in my humble opinion you have the recipe for an amazing company If you are looking for a greater place to work with more competive salaries AND a friendlier HQ staff there is none Their dedication to their workers goes far above and beyond any logical expectation and their commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction with their clients is second to NONE Were it in my power to give 6 stars I would give 7 as well as my HIGHEST recommendation to anyone looking for employment
I have no cons for employment with VSI
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About Veteran Solutions Inc. Company

  • John T. Chenery ( President )
  • Vacancy Location: Glen Burnie, MD 21061
  • Vacancy job: Staff Accountant
  • Rate: negotiable
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